What is the Role of an Attorney in Insurance Claims

Insurance Claim Attorney

When dealing with insurance companies, hiring an attorney can help to make sure that you get fair compensation for damages. Otherwise, the insurance company will hire a lawyer whose only goal is to minimize their liability and not provide the best outcome for your claim. What is the role of an attorney when it comes […]

When To Hire a Lawyer For An Insurance Claim in California

Insurance Claim

Here is a little information about when to hire a lawyer for insurance claims in California. Hiring a lawyer is critical when you have an insurance claim to pursue in California. But what are the best indicators that you need to hire an insurance claim attorney? here are some signs that it’s time to consult […]

What exactly is an Insurance Claim Attorney? – Before Hiring One

Insurance Claim Attorney California

An insurance claim attorney can help in many ways. A person whose real or personal property has been damaged and is in need of compensation, requires the best representation from an insurance claim attorney. The insurance claims lawyer can also be helpful when negotiating with the at-fault person’s insurance company for a property damage claim […]

Homeowners Insurance Refused to Pay Cost of Your Repairs. What Now?

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Insurance pays too little to repair. We are in late 2021, with inflation and supply shortages continuing with no end in sight! Yet, California insurance carriers fail to pay property owners enough to perform repairs. Insurance companies write detailed estimates but a real world contractor cannot perform repairs at that cost.  In fact, many insurance […]

Does Insurance Cover This?

Insurance policy

Just like a typical attorney’s answer … “it depends”. There is never one type of policy and typically no policyholder can really claim to have “full coverage.” Generally, there are several types of policies that cover different types of properties, most popular are listed below: HO3 (typical homeowners’ policy) This is a typical policy held […]

Wildfire Damage


A wildfire is a natural disaster that can cause extensive damage to your home and property. If you live in an area that has been affected by a wildfire, it’s important to know about the insurance claims process and what your rights are when filing a claim. When wildfire season hits, homeowners insurance companies are […]

Cannabis Business/ Property

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The cannabis industry has been on the rise since its legalization in California. The legalization allows for more people to get involved and sell their products, but it also means that the risks are higher. The cannabis industry has a lot of insurance needs. A lot of people were on the fence about whether they […]

Business Property – Vandalism, Fire or Water Damage

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If you’re a business owner in Los Angeles or any surrounding area, you have to be aware of the importance of business property insurance claims. Business Property insurance claims can be a huge help when your building is damaged by fire, storm, theft or vandalism. These are all things that can happen to any building, […]