When To Hire a Lawyer For An Insurance Claim in California

Here is a little information about when to hire a lawyer for insurance claims in California.

Insurance Claim

Hiring a lawyer is critical when you have an insurance claim to pursue in California. But what are the best indicators that you need to hire an insurance claim attorney? here are some signs that it’s time to consult a lawyer:

Your Claim Has Been Denied.

The first step in any insurance claim process is to fill out the appropriate paperwork and send it to the insurance company. If your claim has been denied, then you may be able to negotiate with the insurance adjuster over the phone or in writing. However, if that doesn’t work, then you need to consider hiring an insurance claim attorney who can make sure your rights are protected and get your claim approved.

A Settlement Offer Has Been Made.

Legal representation is not required for insurance claims, but it is recommended for several reasons. First, the insurance adjuster does not have your best interests in mind. They are trying to settle a claim as cheaply as possible so that they can make a profit. Second, insurance companies often have a lot of experience with making low-ball offers and negotiating with their insureds and/or claimants. You may not be prepared to negotiate a fair settlement offer from an insurance company without legal representation.

Insurance companies have their own way of calculating benefits and determining what they will offer as compensation for property damage claims. This can sometimes make it difficult to determine exactly how much money is owed to those who were damaged by someone else’s negligence (or even their own).

If you have received an offer from an insurance company for your real estate damage claim, then you should strongly consider hiring an attorney before accepting the amount offered. The reason for this is simple: Insurance companies know that if they make an offer that seems reasonable at first glance, many people will accept it without contacting a lawyer or asking for help from family members or friends who might be able to negotiate better terms than what was offered by the adjuster.

In these cases, having an attorney like Gankin Law Corporation on your side can ensure that you get all of the money you deserve without having to worry about missing out on any important details during negotiations

What to do if the Insurance Company is Delaying the Claims Process.

If you have a claim with your insurance company, you may have noticed that they are not acting quickly to settle your claim. If this happens with your property damage claims, it can be frustrating and time-consuming for both parties involved. A lawyer can help expedite this process by providing legal representation on your behalf and negotiating a settlement on your behalf. You may also be able to receive compensation for any extra expenses incurred as a result of their delay in paying out your claim.

You Have Suffered Serious Injuries or Losses.

If you have suffered serious injuries or property losses as a result of fire, flood, storm or other weather event—or if someone else has damaged your home and caused these things.

It is important that you have someone on your side who knows the law and will fight for what you deserve. Hiring a lawyer is essential unless the other party accepts full responsibility for the incident and agrees to pay up front. This is particularly true if there was a lot of damage done to your real or personal property and/or people were seriously hurt too. Without legal representation, it can take much longer than necessary for an insurance company to pay out what they owe – if they pay at all! A lawyer will help ensure that every avenue is explored so that insurers don’t try to wriggle out of paying what they should do under the law.


If your insurance claim has been denied, or if you have a feeling that the insurance company is not treating you fairly, let an attorney from Gankin Law Corporation assist you in making sure that your insurance company pays out a fair reimbursement for any losses that you have incurred. Contact one of our California Insurance Claims Lawyers today for professional assistance with your insurance needs.


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