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Whether you are just getting started or have already filed a claim, Gankin Law is here for you. Insurance companies underestimate damages to minimize costs and take advantage of your lack of experience. Our attorneys are experts in a wide variety of insurance claims and will work to make sure to get you all you deserve.


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Our experienced firm works with certified and licensed specialty contractors and vendors to properly address all issues and maximize recovery that you deserve. 

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Water Damage

Flooded? You just discovered a big water damage at your property? Burst Pipe, accidentally left the water on, clog in the drain and water overflow or any other cause of a sudden water damage must be handled properly and in a timely manner. In fact, per their insurance policy, a property owner must…

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Fire & Smoke Damage.

Whether your home, rental or commercial property is damaged by fire completely, partially or has smoke/ash damage, Gankin Law Corp can assist with your denied or partially paid claim. Even if you received payment from your insurance already, contact our…

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Wind Damage

Strong winds caused damage to your roof or a tree fell on your house or commercial property? Sometimes wind damage is excluded or severely underpaid. This firm will help you properly file, evaluate and negotiate a wind damage claim with your insurance…

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Proudly serving California

Gankin Law Corporation is committed to helping you recover from a property insurance claim. We assist with all types of residential and commercial properties. We know how stressful it can be when you have to deal with your home or business getting damaged. When this happens we are here to help you get back on track again.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Most insurance policies provide coverage for sudden and accidental losses that cause damage to homes, businesses, or rental properties. For best results, contact the experienced property damage attorneys at Gankin Law (866) 529-2820 before initiating a first-party insurance claim.

Before you speak to anyone, call the experienced property damage attorneys at Gankin Law Corporation at (866) 529-2820. We can provide a free consultation to explain the entire claims process to you and help determine whether there should be coverage for an insurance claim and how you can get your money back. The way that a claim is reported and the wording used, may determine if your claim is successful. Often clients try to handle this process on their own but report information incorrectly, which may lead to limited coverage or a denied claim. Insurance policies often require you to take certain steps after a loss. Most insurance policies generally refer to these steps as “Your Duties After a Loss”. If you fail to meet these duties, your insurance company may have grounds to deny your claim, partially or in its entirety. When you retain Gankin Law Corp, we can assist you and ensure that you satisfy all of your duties per subject policy.

Generally, a homeowners policy will have coverage for dwelling (your home), other structures (structures on your lot, not attached to your house), personal property, and additional living expenses. A business policy will often have coverages for business property and loss of business income, wherein a landlord policy will have coverage for the rental property, whether commercial or residential and a loss of rent. Besides policy limits on the declarations pages for each particular policy, other limitations may apply to your recovery. Even beyond properly documenting your damages to maximize recovery, Gakin Law Corporation works with clients to properly document and designate all damages to maximize the chances and amount of recovery. In an instance of a theft, there may be special limits that significantly limit recovery for stolen cash, jewelry, watches, firearms, electronics, rugs, and furs. Damage to personal or business property from fire, water, or any other type of damage should be properly documented with photos and items preserved for inspection. A policyholder should not discard any items until an insurance carrier has agreed to pay for a replacement. When submitting a claim for additional living expenses, a policyholder may seek payment for increased utility and food expenses, but these must be properly documented. The above limitations and others may apply, so you as a policyholder should consult Gankin Law Corporation or your attorney as early as possible in your claims process. Contact us at (866) 529-2820 for a free consultation.

We sometimes hear this from our clients at the outset of their claims, but you have to realize that the insurance or independent adjuster works for your insurance company. They are paid by insurance carriers and it is their job and duty to represent the interests of the insurance company. Who will represent your interests? You need an experienced property damage attorney, who will work for you to protect your interests and maximize your recovery. Unfortunately, we hear all of the time from clients when it is too late for them to document and recover some of the damages, which could have only been recovered if they were documented by our law firm and experts we work with, had the client only entrusted their claim to our firm earlier in the claims process. Contact Gankin Law Corporation for a free consultation and don’t wait until it’s too late! If you have an experienced property damage law firm like Gankin Law Corporation on your side, this will not only force the insurance company to handle your claim with more care, but it will likely speed up and also maximize your recovery because an insurance adjuster will know that they are dealing with a professional and experienced attorney that handles these claims constantly, and they will avoid their attempts to limit or exclude coverage that you deserve under your policy.

A public adjuster will usually just write a repair estimate and try to settle early for less. Instead, you can hire a licensed and experienced property damage attorney to advocate for the maximum recovery you deserve. Remember, a public adjuster is not a licensed attorney. A public adjuster cannot resolve your claim with the insurance company the insurance adjuster knows there’s not much legal recourse a public adjuster can take. Normally at that time, public adjusters contact experienced property damage litigation attorneys like Gankin Law Corporation to take over the claim with the insurance company. So why not have an experienced attorney handle your claim professionally from the start and just cut out the middleman

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We strive to provide the best service to all of our clients, so they get what they deserve on their insurance claims.

Sofya GritsevskayaSofya Gritsevskaya
20:19 30 Dec 22
Great experience! We hired Gankin Law Group several times for water damage claim and auto accident injury claim. Gene is very knowledgeable and is truly an expert in his field. Both claims were settled successfully. Couldn't be happier!
Arya AframianArya Aframian
20:39 13 Oct 22
I had a really good experience Gene as my property damage lawyer. I had to submit a claim with my insurance. After the water damage, I was not sure what to do and how to deal with the insurance company. His entire team was great  an expert in handling all the information and paperwork needed for my claim. I contacted a few different firms and his actually helped me understand my case without making me feel like a burden. I was not charged anything until my claim was approved. It really helped a lot that i contacted his firm so soon after the situation. It made the process a lot easier. I would definitely recommend his company to anyone.
Chase EckelbargerChase Eckelbarger
18:13 13 Oct 22
I needed to claim a water damage insurance for my property and I had to deal with an insurance company who was giving me the run around. A friend of mine told me about Gankin Law Corporation and how Gene helped her when she was in a similar situation. I hired him as a property damage lawyer and he managed to overcome the troubles given by my insurance company, the claim was successful and all of the costly repairs are covered. Thanks a lot
Dmitry VolodinskyDmitry Volodinsky
22:11 10 Jan 22
I've had the pleasure of working with Gene on several claims. Unfortunately we've have some bad fortune of having our house vandalized and theft of personal belongings as well as an ash fallout claim due to hill fire next to our property. In both cases we were extremely pleased with the results. Gene was a true professional who was comfortable and knowledgeable in his handling of the two claims. He did a great job explaining the claim process and set realistic expectations that he was able to meet and even exceed.I've recommended Gene to friends and family who have also had a positive experience in handling of their loss.Thank you Gene.
Ed GEd G
01:40 06 Jan 22
Gene and his associates have been nothing but friendly, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive. Their extensive experience has helped our family many times with different property claims. Gene is kind, understanding, patient, intelligent, and his integrity is superior.Gankin Law Corporation is the only one we go to and also urge our friends and relatives to go to as well.We have never been disappointed with Gene.Thank you Gene and friends.

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