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The cannabis industry has been on the rise since its legalization in California. The legalization allows for more people to get involved and sell their products, but it also means that the risks are higher. The cannabis industry has a lot of insurance needs. A lot of people were on the fence about whether they should get coverage before legalization, but now they know exactly how important insurance can be. If you want to make sure that your business is protected, then you should consider getting insurance right away.

There are many insurance companies that offer business and property insurance. However, there is one thing that most people do not realize: these policies often do not cover losses related to cannabis. For example, if your building catches on fire and it was caused by a faulty electrical system that was installed by an unlicensed electrician who was working with marijuana plants, then your insurance company may not pay the cost of repairs or replacement of your equipment.

What can you do? One option would be to purchase a separate policy specifically designed for cannabis businesses. These policies typically provide coverage for loss or damage caused by vandalism or theft, they also include coverage for fire damage, burglary, and other risks that might affect a cannabis-related business.

Another option is to talk with an attorney about filing a claim against your insurance company for damages related to cannabis use at your facility. This may sound like an intimidating task but it does not have to be difficult if done correctly! An experienced attorney can help you understand what steps need to be taken when filing such claims so you can get everything done correctly 

Gankin Law Corporation exclusively handles property damage claims and can help cannabis business and property owners to get the compensation they deserve after a claim has been filed with their insurance company or even file a claim on behalf of the business or property owner, to handle the whole process A to Z. Our team knows what it takes to make sure that an insurance company pays you what you deserve!

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