7 Signs You Need an Experienced Lawyer to Handle Your Fire Insurance Claim

Fire Insurance Claim Lawyer California

Have you experienced fire damage in your home or business? It can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Although there are some general laws about what to look for when dealing with a fire insurance claim, California has its laws and regulations. In some cases, it may not be easy to understand your rights. You should have a strong legal team when dealing with this type of claim. Here are some of the signs that you need an experienced lawyer to handle your fire insurance claim:

1. You are concerned that you may be blamed for arson.

Suppose you think the fire may have been started by someone else, intentionally or accidentally. It would be best if you were careful not to provide any information to your insurance company that may be used against you later. Insurance companies often hire investigators who will look into the fire’s origin and may even try to interview witnesses about what they saw at the scene. Even if no foul play was involved in starting the fire, you do not want to give any statements without having an attorney who can advise you of your rights.

2. Your insurance company is acting in bad faith.

It is natural to be anxious about what will happen next when you have been through a traumatic event like a fire. But if you feel like the insurance company is not being honest with you, or if they treat your concerns dismissively, then it may be time to contact an attorney who can help protect your interests during this stressful process.

3. You are being pressured to accept a settlement before you have a full understanding of your fire losses.

Insurance companies want to settle claims quickly so they don’t have to pay more than they have to. They often try to rush through settlements because they know that people tend to be overwhelmed by the process and will make mistakes if they aren’t given enough time or information. You can contact Gankin Law Corporation for a free consultation. Our attorneys will take the time necessary to fully investigate losses and give you accurate advice about what you can expect from your insurance company. 

4. You have no idea how much you lost in property and income.

If your home was damaged or destroyed by a fire, you may not be able to assess the full extent of the damage until after the fire department has completed its investigation. This can take weeks or even months. And even once the investigation is complete, there may be disputes about what should have been covered under your policy.

In addition to any physical damage caused by the fire itself, there could also be financial losses related to lost income from work missed because of the fire, temporary housing costs, and other expenses associated with cleanup or rebuilding efforts for which you may not be reimbursed by your insurer. A lawyer can help you get a better idea of what damages are covered under your policy so that you aren’t shortchanged at all points along this long road ahead.

5. Your home is unsafe, but the insurance company isn’t helping.

You should know that if your home is damaged by fire and uninhabitable, you are entitled to receive temporary housing expenses from your insurance company. However, this benefit is denied by insurance adjusters who either don’t understand the law or have no intention of complying with it.

If your insurer unjustifiably denies your claim for temporary housing expenses, An insurance claim attorney can help you recover these costs. Gankin Law attorney will fight for the amount of time required for your repairs and replacements to be completed so that you can move back into your home as quickly as possible.

6. The insurance company rejected or denied your claim or stopped working on your claim for some other reason.

Insurance companies have a legal obligation to investigate every claim they receive and provide a fair settlement offer within a reasonable time. If they fail to do so, they may be violating California state law and could be forced by the courts to pay damages equal to what they should have offered in the first place, plus interest and attorney fees. Unfortunately, this means that if you’ve been waiting for months or years for your insurance company to respond and they still haven’t gotten back to you, then it’s time to call an experienced lawyer Gankin Law Corporation

7. You don’t feel comfortable dealing with the insurance company on your own.

It is common for insurance companies to make things difficult for people burned in fires. They will try to give less than they should or even claim. This can be confusing and frustrating for anyone in a fire, especially if they are unfamiliar with making a claim with an insurance company. An experienced attorney can help guide you through this process while protecting your rights throughout the whole.


After a fire, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to do. You probably want to make sure that your home or business is properly repaired and that you are recovering all the money to which you are legally entitled. At Gankin Law Corporation, we have the experience and knowledge of California law that you need on your side. Our attorneys will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring your case is handled effectively. Schedule your free consultation today by calling (866) 529-2820 or visiting our website

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